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Potential Attendees Institution Expertise
Byrne, Pat Colorado State Univ. Germplasm use/breeding
Volk, Gayle USDA-ARS, Fort Collins CO Clonal collection preservation
Bubeck, David DuPont Pioneer, Johnston IA Agronomic crop  breeding
Colbert, Debora Colorado State Univ. Distance Ed
Coyne, Clare USDA-ARS, Pullman WA Seed cryo curation/genomics
de la Torre, Fernando Centro Nacional de Recursos Geneticos, Mexico Genebank administration
Diedrichsen, Axel Genetic Resources Canada Genebank administration
Gardner, Candy USDA-ARS, Ames IA PI station management
Gepts, Paul UC Davis Germplasm use
Gore, Mike Cornell Univ. Genomic and phenotypic evaluation
Guarino, Luigi Crop Trust, Bonn, Germany Genebank administration, crop wild relatives
Havey, Mike USDA-ARS, Madison WI Vegetable crop breeding
Hummer, Kim USDA-ARS Corvallis OR Clonal management
Jourdan, Pablo Ohio State Univ. Clonal genebanking, industry
Kinard, Gary USDA-ARS Beltsville MD GRIN-Global, Explorations, Regulations
Krishnan, Sarada Denver Botanic Gardens Diversity, international coordination
LaVigne, Andy American Seed Trade Assoc. Seed industry concerns
Leach, Jan Colorado State Univ. Genomics, plant pathology
Misra, Manjit Iowa State Univ. Seed science and testing
Namuth-Covert, Deana Ohio State Univ. Distance Ed
Smith, Margaret Cornell Univ. Germplasm genomics and breeding
Smith, Wayne Texas A&M Univ. Cotton breeding
Tracy, Bill Univ. of Wisconsin Corn breeding; IP issues
Zhong, Gan-Yuan USDA-ARS Geneva, NY PI station management
Bretting, Peter USDA-ARS, Beltsville MD Genebank administration
Chitnis, Parag USDA-NIFA Washington, D.C. Grant administration
Draper, Marty Kansas State Univ. Plant pathology
Greene, Stephanie USDA-ARS Fort Collins CO Curation and long-term seed storage
Kaleikau, Ed USDA-NIFA Washington, D.C. Grant administration
Khoury, Colin USDA-ARS Fort Collins CO Crop wild relatives
Richards, Chris USDA-ARS Fort Collins CO Genetics and genomics of genebanks
Walters, Christina USDA-ARS Fort Collins CO Seed physiology and long-term storage
Parker, Joyce USDA-NIFA Washington, D.C. Grant administration


If you are interested in contact information for any attendees, please send a request to Kierra Jewell.